Brewday blog: Kiwi and Coriander Wheat Beer

In a bid to desperately avoid revising for our finals, Andrei and I have been brewing again. Our last brew, a 5% White Grapefruit Vienna Pale Ale, turned out pretty well, but we decided this time we wanted to be a little bit more adventurous and make something a tad different. I went into a fair amount of detail on our last brewday blog about the process involved in making the beer, and since that process hasn’t changed massively, I’ll keep this one a little bit more brief.

After much deliberation, we settled on brewing a wheat beer. More specifically, we decided on a Kiwi wheat beer, pepped up with a small quantity of Coriander seeds. Ingredients were once again ordered from The Homebrew shop, and arrived within days. It was a fairly straightforward initial 90 minute mash at 68 or so degrees, made up pretty much 50/50 between Lager and Wheat malt, with a bit of crushed Torrified Wheat thrown in for good measure. We once again decided to go with Wyeast, and finding Forbidden Fruit unavailable, chose a German Weihenstephen Weizen strain. In the hop department, it was a pretty dull affair, with only small quantities of English Challenger hops required.

The initial brewday went without so much as a hitch, and within six hours of commencing we were already transferring the beer into the primary fermentor and pitching the Yeast. Our starting gravity of 1.062 shocked us a little at first, as it meant we had obviously not got the efficiency we had hoped for from the mash, but we’re still hopeful the yeast will work its magic to give us a beer that’s pushing the 6% mark. The yeast certainly seemed more lively than our last batch, with signs of fermentation being shown less than twelve hours after pitching.

After four days or so in the primary, it was time to add our Kiwi. Peeling and chopping 1.5kg of Kiwi fruit isn’t much fun, but hopefully it should impart a fairly substantial flavour in the finished beer. We’ll be leaving the fruit in the beer for a week, before taking it out a few days prior to bottling. The beer should be finished just after we finish our exams, and I must say I’m rather excited to see how it turns out! Below are the full specifications for the beer, should you wish to attempt this recipe for yourselves.

Priory Brewing Company Kiwheat
Recipe Specifications
Batch Size: 5.00 gal
Estimated OG: 1.062
Estimated FG: 1.020
Estimated IBU: 27.88
Estimated ABV: 5.5%
Boil Time: 60 Minutes

3kg Wheat Malt (United Kingdom)
3kg Lager Malt (United Kingdom)
0.5kg Torrified Wheat (United Kingdom)

25g Challenger (whole hops) 2015 [7.66 %] (60 mins)
25g Coriander Seeds (15 mins)
12.5g Challenger (whole hops) 2015 [7.66%] (o mins)

128g Wyeast 3069 Weihenstephen Weizen

1.5kg Kiwi fruit, peeled and chopped (4 days, leave for one week)


One thought on “Brewday blog: Kiwi and Coriander Wheat Beer

  1. Very interested in how this turns out. We just brewed a 100% all-wheat beer here and used Forbidden Fruit for the first time. Waiting for the results on that as well. Preliminary reports say Major Tartness. As for your beer name, I agree that’s a tough one. Good luck!

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