The 2016 Beeson on Beer Golden Pint Awards Podcast

It’s that time of year again… and no, I’m not talking about the awkward time between Christmas and New Year where nobody knows quite what to do with themselves. I’m talking about the season of The Golden Pints Awards, where bloggers, writers and communicators in the beer industry celebrate the very best of the last twelve months. For my awards this year, I decided to do something a little bit different and record a podcast.

Being fully aware that listening to me prattle on for an hour about beer is nobody’s idea of a good time, I decided to rope my older brother Josh in to share his own awards. However, if you’re desperately short on time, you can scroll down to the bottom of this page to read our winners in full.

Have a very Happy New Year and thanks for reading Beeson on Beer in 2016.

The 2016 Beeson on Beer Golden Pint Awards Winners

Best UK Brewery: Burning Sky (James), Cloudwater (Josh)

Best Overseas Brewery: De Molen (James), La Brasserie du Mont Salève (Josh)

Best New Brewery: Verdant Brewery (James & Josh)

Best Cask Beer: Tiny Rebel Stay Puft (James), Siren Broken Dream (Josh)

Best UK Keg Beer: Burning Sky Saison A La Provision (James), Crafty Devil You Love Us (Josh)

Best Overseas Keg Beer: ParrotDog Forget Me Not (James), Brew Your Mind Yellow Haze (Josh)

Best UK Canned/Bottled Beer: Fourpure Juicebox (James), Marble Howgate & Kemp (Josh)

Best Overseas Canned/Bottled Beer: De Molen Bommen & Granaten (James), Tupiniquim / Omnipollo Polimango (Josh)

Best Collaboration: Cloudwater/Magic Rock Three’s Company (James & Josh)

Best Overall Beer: Cloudwater DIPA v3 (James), Cloudwater/Magic Rock Three’s Company (Josh)

Best Pub/Bar: The Duke’s Head (James), Small Bar Cardiff (Josh)

Best Bottleshop: Hops + Crafts/Caps & Taps (James), The Bottle Shop Cardiff (Josh)

Best Brewery Tap: Fivepoints Brewery (James), The Moor Brewery Tap (Josh)

Best Beery Event: West Kent CAMRA Spa Valley Beer Festival (James), Brewfest Cardiff (Josh)

Best Beer Communicator: Matthew Curtis (James), Beer O Clock show/Hopinions (Josh)


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